Customer Affiliate Program



Earn affiliate credit by promoting Hostico hosting packages

With the purchase of a product or service offered by Hostico, it will automatically generate a personal client account. The Hostico Client Account allows you to become our affiliate and to recover your investment or to generate additional income. Membership is done without costs on your part, and with enrollment in the affiliate system you will receive our 10.00€ welcome gift.

How it works

Enrolling in the affiliate system can be done from the Hostico customer account. Once enrolled in the Hostico affiliate system you will receive a custom link that you can paste it anywhere in your website. When a visitor to your website will click on the banner with your custom Hostico affiliate link, the client browser will set a cookie that will be available 90 days. Through this cookie the affiliate system can identify that specific visitor as coming from your website, so for any order made by the visitor for one of the Hostico products/services, the affiliate system will transfer to your affiliate account 20% of the order value.

In your Hostico Client Account you can check anytime the affiliate account status, number of sent clients and commissions earned by you.

Products/services that provides commission:

  • Web Hosting Start
  • Web Hosting Business
  • Web Hosting Reseller
  • VPS Servers

Bonus - Payments

When registering in the Hostico affiliate system you will automatically receive the amount of 10.00€.
Upon reaching the 50.00€ amount(40.00€ plus the 10.00€ received when registered) the money can be withdrawn either by bank account of your choice.
Any winnings through the affiliate system can always be used to purchase/extension products/services/domains from Hostico (except those 10.00€ offered from enrolling in affiliate system).
In order to come into possession of the monies won is necessary to have a bank account.


Hostico Affiliate Module Implementation in your website only requires changing the code[YourAffiliateCodeLink] with your personalized affiliate link. You will receive your Hostico affiliate link when you join the affiliate program. Once you have this link, edit the portion[YourAffiliateCodeLink] from the desired model displayed and enter the final code into your website.

We present you nine examples of various sizes/display formats. For a custom format please contact us.

  • Model Code:
  • Model Code II:
  • Model Code III:
  • Model Code IV:
  • Model Code V:
  • Model Code VI:
  • Model Code VII:
  • Model Code VIII: