CloudLinux technology for increased stability and security



CloudLinux Kernel Security

CloudLinux Technology

CloudLinux is an operating system designed specifically for the web hosting industry. CloudLinux technology is based on kernel modules that have the task to isolate and restrict the resources of each hosting account, thus preventing servers overload in case of attacks that occur on the hosted websites.

Websites hosted on shared servers, are sharing between them the RAM, CPU, I/O resources, allocated to the server. If one of these sites contain unoptimized applications or in case of an attack on the website, that account can generate a high consumption of resources, also affecting other users hosted on the same system. CloudLinux prevents these types of abuses identifying problematic users and limiting the level of resources allocated to that user, so that the rest of hosted accounts are not affected. This limitation imposed both at the kernel and software level results in a more stable and efficient server.

Avantages of CloudLinux

  • Web hosting accounts isolation
  • Equally distributes the server resources for the accounts
  • Protection against resources abuse
  • Ensure a high level of safety and protection
  • Obtaining a more stable and efficient server

Cloud Linux Chart