Activating technical support on contacts

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In this article we will go through the necessary steps to activate the technical support on contacts
by Mark DohiViews 63Updated now 7 daysPublished 13/07/2022


In this article we will go over the process of creating a contact and allocating it to a service in the Hostico customer account for technical support.


  • A valid contact;
  • An active service in the Hostico customer account;


After logging in to the Hostico client account, go to the left side to the section User.
In the open page, navigate to the bottom of the section Associated Contacts, after which a contact will be created by the button New Contact.


Note: If there are already valid contacts in the Hostico customer account, the steps for making a contact may be omitted.

Fill in the data in the fields displayed as needed (individual or legal entity).

Important! In order for the contacts to receive technical and commercial notifications (correspondence tickets), in the Correspondence section, the Assistance field will be ticked, which by default will open two additional ticks:

  • Isolated - Correspondence will be sent only for the service to which the subcontract has been assigned.
  • Global - Correspondence will be sent for all services held in the account.

Once we have made sure that the contact is configured correctly, we will go to either to section Services (for hosting packages) either to the section Domains.
We will open the service, after which the option will be selected in the Actions menu on the right Contact Suport.

Note: If there is no contact assigned to the service, the message "Deactivated" will be displayed.

After opening the window, select the desired contact and confirm the action with the button "Yes".

Note: If you want to change the contact, you can choose another one, after which we confirm the procedure.
For situations in which we want to remove the contact from the service, select the option Reset.


  • The technical assistance offered will be only at the level of emails (tickets), for technical requests on chat or phone the account holder will have to be the one to contact the support team.
  • To avoid situations in which the action of a contact may adversely affect the integrity of a service, we recommend that the allocation of contacts be made with caution.

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