Locking or passwording a directory in cPanel

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Steps to block a directory via cPanel
by Mihai BobriucViews 84Updated now 3 monthsPublished 13/07/2022


  • In this tutorial we will show you the necessary steps to lock or password a directory in cPanel


  • a cPanel account


1. Access the cPanel panel and go to the Security section, where you click on Privacy director.

Confidentialitate director cPanel

After accessing "Privacy director", the window below will open:

Setare parolă pe un director de cont

2. Click on the folder icon to navigate through the directories. Click on the name of the directory you want to password/lock to select it and the window below will automatically open.

Setari de securitate pe un director

3. Check the box"Protect this directory with a password"

4. Enter a name for the protected directory in the first field and press the button Save.

5. Enter a name of user and in the last two fields add secure password  which you will use to access it directory/folder, then press the button Save.


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