Merge invoices

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This articole presents the necessary steps in order to merge two or more proforma invoices
by Mark DohiViews 325Published 12/04/2022


The tutorial shows the steps to follow in order to combine two or more proforma invoices.


  • Hostico customer account
  • Two or more proforma invoices


  • Select the Financial section on the left side of the customer account;
  • In the Actions section you will choose the option MERGE;

  • In the proforma invoices window, select the invoices to be merged, then click on the checkbox Confirm.
  • The last step will open a new window with the final invoice, covering all services.


The services on the invoice will not change on the next due date level.
The total of the final invoice will be the result of the exact addition of the service prices + the VAT.

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