Redirecting a domain in cPanel

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How do I redirect a domain in cPanel?
by Mihai BobriucViews 75Updated now 3 monthsPublished 05/07/2022


  • In this tutorial we will explain the necessary steps to add a redirect or redirect our domain from the cPanel account.


  • A valid domain.
  • cPanel account administration data


    • To be able to add a redirect or a redirect for the domain, we will log in to the cPanel account and go to the Domains section, and then click on Redirects.

Sectiunea domenii cPanel

  • A new page will open and here we can add the redirect.
  • We will select the type of redirection in the next field, 301 in our case or permanent redirect, the domain we want to redirect, and in the field Redirect to we will add the domain to be redirected to
  • To Redirect www we will select  Redirection with  or without www.

Adaugare redirectionare cPanel

  • Completion of this operation will be done by clicking on Adding. After adding the redirect from to, all visitors who will access in the browser will be automatically redirected to

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