Domain Terms and Conditions

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Domain Terms and Conditions

Domain Administration

Managing domain extensions is done at the highest level of registry.
Each organization that manages a domain extension (registry) has its own operating rules. Among these, we can generally remember the following:


• Privacy policy
• Terms and conditions
• Dispute policy
• Transfer procedure

Domain registration will be done under the terms and conditions of each domain extension, terms and conditions available through the link next to each extension offered for registration in the table on this page.

Pre / post registration requirements

• additional documents
• specific technical settings for nameserver
• creating a mailbox
• rules regarding the name or content of the domain name


• Domain registration
• Domain renewal
• Transfer Fee
• Reactivation fee
• Redemption Fee (to be added to the renewal fee)

Within the same domain extension there may be different rates for some names. These domains are known as premium domains and are domains already registered by somebody, but put up for sale at much higher rates. They are usually based on very common words, defining the field of activity, such as auto, host, news, etc. Usually, the pricing of these domains is displayed when searching for availability, but the tariff may only be visible when the domain registration is attempted, therefore the real price will only be shown after the attempt to register the domain by Hostico is done.


• minimum / maximum registering
• minimum / maximum renewal
• Grace period
• Redemption period

However, what should be noted, is that it is the duty of the customer to ensure that the domain he or she registers does not violate any intellectual property right. The domain owner also assumes responsibility for damages, defenses and the innocence of both Hostico and the domain / registry / domain registrar against any claim for damages, liabilities and costs that may arise as a result of domain registration. Regarding the transfer of the domain from one registrar to another (the registry delegated organization), the requests are usually not to be blocked at the registry level, and the cost of the transfer implies in most cases the renewal of the domain by one year. Also, to initiate the transfer procedure, an authorization code is obtained from the registrar from which the domain will be transferred.

The life cycle of a domain is exemplified in the following figure: :

gtld lifecycle

In the grace period, the renewal of the domain does not require additional fees, but we can not guarantee this. In the redemption period, however, redemption fees will be required. Our recommendation is that the renewal fees to be paid before the due date / expiration date. The data in the following table is given for information purposes. We can not guarantee the restore of an expired domain even if the redemption fee is paid.

ExtensionSourcePre/Post RequirementsCharactersPeriodGraceQuarantineRebuyTransferActivationLegal Terms
.actorActor-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€45.99€32.99€33.99Terms .actor
.agencyAgenție-3-631-10 year(s)28 zile30 days€60€23.99€24.99Terms .agency
.apartmentsApartamente-3-631-2 year(s)44 zile28 days€49.99€43.99€44.99Terms .apartments
.archiArhitectură-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€50.99€51.99Terms .archi
.artArt-3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€59.99€14.99€15.99Terms .art
.asiaAsiaVerificare Email3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€59.99€9.99€10.99Terms .asia
.atAustriaSe anulează cu 30 zile înaintea expirării, altfel facturarea continuă din partea registrului .at3-631-10 year(s)0 zile30 days€29.99-€9.99Terms .at
.auctionLicitație-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€51.99€28.99€29.99Terms .auction
.autoAutomobile-3-631 year(s)40 zile30 days€60.99€2098.99€2099.99Terms .auto
.autosAutomobile-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€68.99€69.99Terms .autos
.barBar-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€40.99€63.99€64.99Terms .bar
.beBelgia-3-631 year(s)0 zile30 days€19.99€6.99€7.99Terms .be
.bestBest-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€80.99€81.99Terms .best
.bidLicitare-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€51.99€28.99€29.99Terms .bid
.bioBioVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€89.99€53.99€54.99Terms .bio
.bizBusinessVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile0 days€59.99€9.99€10.99Terms .biz
.blackfridayBlack Friday-3-631 year(s)44 zile127 days€44.99€106.99€107.99Terms .blackfriday
.blogBlogVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€69.99€25.99€26.99Terms .blog
.boutiqueBoutique-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€52.99€31.99€32.99Terms .boutique
.buildConstrucții-3-631-3 year(s)28 zile44 days€45.99€62.99€63.99Terms .build
.cafeCoffee-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€51.99€28.99€29.99Terms .cafe
.capitalCapital-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€48.99€49.99Terms .capital
.carMașină-3-631 year(s)44 zile28 days€60€2189€2199Terms .car
.carsMașini-3-631 year(s)44 zile28 days€60€2189€2199Terms .cars
.casaCasă-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€58.99€11.99€12.99Terms .casa
.cateringCatering-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€51.99€28.99€29.99Terms .catering
.ccInsulele Cocos-3-631 year(s)0 zile28 days€49.99€9.99€10.99Terms .cc
.centerCentru-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€18.99€19.99Terms .center
.ceoCEO-3-631-2 year(s)44 zile28 days€45.99€80.99€81.99Terms .ceo
.chElveția-3-631 year(s)0 zile30 days€49.99€5.99€6.99Terms .ch
.cityOraș-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€18.99€19.99Terms .city
.clothingÎmbrăcăminte-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€51.99€31.99€32.99Terms .clothing
.cloudCloud-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€77.99€78.99Terms .cloud
.clubClubVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€69.99€25.99€26.99Terms .club
.coColumbia-3-631-5 year(s)0 zile28 days€69.99€22.99€23.99Terms .co
.co.ukUnited Kingdom-3-631-10 year(s)30 zile0 days-€6.99€6.99Terms
.coachAntrenor-3-631-10 year(s)28 zile30 days€60€39.99€40.99Terms .coach
.coffeeCafea-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€49.99€28.99€29.99Terms .coffee
.comComercialVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€49.99€7.99€8.99Terms .com
.companyCompanie-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€51.99€11.99€12.99Terms .company
.computerComputer-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€45.99€28.99€29.99Terms .computer
.cookingCooking-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54€28.99€29.99Terms .cooking
.creditCredit-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€55.99€76.99€77.99Terms .credit
.czCehia-3-631 year(s)0 zile0 days--€18.99Terms .cz
.datingDating-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€38.99€39.99Terms .dating
.deGermaniaNameservere valide conform link-ului: year(s)0 zile25 days€19.99-€7.99Terms .de
.dentalDentist-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€38.99€39.99Terms .dental
.dentistDentist-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€32.99€33.99Terms .dentist
.designDesignVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€129.99€38.99€39.99Terms .design
.devDezvoltator-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€109.99€23.99€24.99Terms .dev
.dkDanemarcaNecesită activare manuală post înregistrare3-631-5 year(s)0 zile0 days-€12.99€13.99Terms .dk
.doctorDoctor-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€77.99€78.99Terms .doctor
.energyEnergie-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€78.99€79.99Terms .energy
.esSpania-3-631-10 year(s)0 zile0 days--€8.99Terms .es
.estateImobiliare-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€55.99€28.99€29.99Terms .estate
.euEURezidenţă UE3-631-10 year(s)0 zile30 days€24.99€6.99€7.99Terms .eu
.eventsEveniment-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€44.99€28.99€29.99Terms .events
.expertExpert-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€38.99€39.99Terms .expert
.fashionModă-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€51.99€31.99€32.99Terms .fashion
.fiFinlandaCNP / ID Pașaport2-631-5 year(s)30 zile0 days-€20.99€21.99Terms .fi
.filmFilm-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€55.99€70.99€71.99Terms .film
.flightsZbor-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€47.99€38.99€39.99Terms .flights
.frFranțaRezidenţă UE, data şi locul naşterii3-631 year(s)0 zile30 days€39.99-€13.99Terms .fr
.funAmuzament-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€58.99€21.99€22.99Terms .fun
.gameJoc-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile127 days€35.99€298.99€299.99Terms .game
.gamesJocuri-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€49.99€18.99€19.99Terms .games
.globalGlobal-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€62.99€63.99Terms .global
.gmbhGMBH-3-631-5 year(s)28 zile44 days€45.99€28.99€29.99Terms .gmbh
.graphicsGrafică-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€18.99€19.99Terms .graphics
.holidayVacanță-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€38.99€39.99Terms .holiday
.homesCasă-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€53.99€54.99Terms .homes
.hostGazdă-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€77.99€78.99Terms .host
.hostingGăzduire-3-631 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€298.99€299.99Terms .hosting
.huUngariaGenerarea căsuţei de e-mail, nameservere valide conform: year(s)45 zile60 days€16.99-€16.99Terms .hu
.ieIrlandaÎn cazul personalor juridice este necesară o copie a certificatului de înregistrare a societății2-631-10 year(s)0 zile0 days-€38.99€39.99Terms .ie
.inIndia-3-631-10 year(s)30 zile28 days€24.99€6.99€7.99Terms .in
.infoInformațiiVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€49.99€11.99€12.99Terms .info
.ioOceanul Indian-3-631-10 year(s)0 zile30 days€109.99€43.99€44.99Terms .io
.itItaliaCompletare formular, nameservere valide conform : year(s)10 zile25 days€39.99€8.99€9.99Terms .it
.landProprietate-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€28.99€29.99Terms .land
.legalLegal-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€38.99€39.99Terms .legal
.liLiechtenstein-3-631 year(s)0 zile15 days€42.99€8.99€9.99Terms .li
.loveIubire-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€99.99€28.99€29.99Terms .love
.ltdLimited Company-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€45.99€18.99€19.99Terms .ltd
.luLuxemburgZona DNS configurată3-631 year(s)30 zile0 days-€22.99€23.99Terms .lu
.lvLetonia-3-631 year(s)0 zile0 days-€22.99€23.99Terms .lv
.mdMoldova-3-631-5 year(s)0 zile0 days--€44.99Terms .md
.meMuntenegru-3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€109.99€13.99€14.99Terms .me
.mediaMass-Media-3-631-5 year(s)43 zile28 days€54.99€28.99€29.99Terms .media
.mobiMobilVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€99.99€11.99€12.99Terms .mobi
.modaModă-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€28.99€29.99Terms .moda
.motorcyclesMotociclete-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54€240.99€27.99Terms .motorcycles
.nameNume-3-631-10 year(s)30 zile0 days-€11.99€12.99Terms .name
.netInternetVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€74.99€9.99€10.99Terms .net
.newsȘtiriVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€69.99€19.99€20.99Terms .news
.nlOlanda-2-631 year(s)0 zile30 days€19.99-€7.99Terms .nl
.noNorvegia-3-631 year(s)0 zile0 days-€22.99€23.99Terms .no
.ongONGVerificare în prealabil a societății Non-Guvernamentale3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€119.99€36.99€37.99Terms .ong
.onlineOnline-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€65.55€33.99€34.99Terms .online
.orgOrganizațieVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)28 zile40 days€59.99€8.99€9.99Terms .org
.partyPetrecere-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€28.99€29.99Terms .party
.photoFotografVerificare E-mail3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€69.99€28.99€29.99Terms .photo
.pizzaPizza-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€38.99€39.99Terms .pizza
.plPolonia-3-631-3 year(s)0 zile30 days-€13.99€14.99Terms .pl
.pressPresă-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€54.99€55.99Terms .press
.proProfesionalVerificare E-mail4-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€59.99€9.99€10.99Terms .pro
.ptPortugaliaZonă DNS activă3-631 year(s)0 zile28 days-€18.99€19.99Terms .pt
.pubLocal/Pub-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54€28.99€29.99Terms .pub
.pwPalau-3-631-5 year(s)30 zile0 days-€13.99€14.99Terms .pw
.reReunionAdresa valida din Uniunea Europeana3-631 year(s)0 zile29 days€40€7.99€8.99Terms .re
.rentChirie-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€239.99€52.99€53.99Terms .rent
.restaurantRestaurant-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€28.99€29.99Terms .restaurant
.roRomânia-3-631-10 year(s)90 zile0 days-€7.99€8.99Terms .ro
.ruRusia-3-371-10 year(s)0 zile0 days-€6.99€7.99Terms .ru
.runAlergare -3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€18.99€19.99Terms .run
.saleVânzări-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€28.99€29.99Terms .sale
.salonSalon-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€38.99€39.99Terms .salon
.seSuedia-3-631-10 year(s)0 zile59 days-€17.99€18.99Terms .se
.shoesPantofi-3-631-5 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€38.99€39.99Terms .shoes
.shopShop-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€119.99€31.99€32.99Terms .shop
.showSpectacol-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€28.99€29.99Terms .show
.siSlovenia-2-631-5 year(s)0 zile0 days€59.99€27.99€28.99Terms .si
.skSlovaciaAdresă de domiciliu - Slovacia3-631-3 year(s)0 zile0 days€69.99€33.99€34.99Terms .sk
.spaceSpațiu-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€20.99€21.99Terms .space
.srlSRL-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days-€34.99€35.99Terms .srl
.storeMagazin-3-631 year(s)44 zile28 days€109.99€48.99€49.99Terms .store
.studioStudio-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€23.99€24.99Terms .studio
.tattooTatuaj-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€39.99€35.99€36.99Terms .tattoo
.teamEchipă-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€28.99€29.99Terms .team
.techTehnologie-3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€99.99€39.99€40.99Terms .tech
.ticketsBilete-3-631 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€338.99€339.99Terms .tickets
.topTop-1-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€88.99€10.99€11.99Terms .top
.travelCălătorie-3-631-10 year(s)44 zile0 days-€103.99€104.99Terms .travel
.tvTuval-4-631-10 year(s)30 zile40 days€69.99€23.99€24.99Terms .tv
.ukUnited KingdomDate de contact valide UK, domeniul în varianta, şi disponibil3-371-10 year(s)30 zile0 days-€5.99€6.99Terms .uk
.usUSA-3-631-10 year(s)40 zile30 days€69.99€6.99€7.99Terms .us
.videoVideo-3-631-3 year(s)44 zile28 days€54.99€21.99€22.99Terms .video
.vipVIP-2-631-10 year(s)44 zile28 days€59.99€16.99€17.99Terms .vip
.wsSamoa-4-631-10 year(s)30 zile0 days-€24.99€24.99Terms .ws
.xyzGeneric-3-631 year(s)44 zile28 days€59.99€14.99€15.99Terms .xyz