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How do I change the owner of a .ro domain ?


Modifying domain owner data for a .ro domain is a fairly complex process involving both Hostico as a domain registrar and the domain owner. The procedure presented is structured for better clarity in the order of execution of the steps:
1.The willingness to modify the owner data is communicated to Hostico and the proforma invoice must be paid.

Note: Changing the domain owner's data resets the period of validity of a domain to the number of years paid for change by canceling any remaining active period.

For example, the domain has a 3-year active period and the invoice is paid for one year only. The domain will be active after completion of the procedure for only 1 year and not 3 as it initially was.

The domain will have the new owner's data for the entire duration of its validity-after the period of 1 year it will not return to the original data. The resetting is only for the period of validity of the domain.


The exchange price of the owner is equivalent to the renewal / registration of a .ro domain :

Price Period
8.99 € + TVA 1 year
8.49 € + TVA 2 years
7.99 € + TVA 3 years
7.49 € + TVA 4 years
6.99 € + TVA 5 years+

2. It is necessary to give us the future owner's data on which the change will take place. The data required to initiate the transfer are:

For individuals:

  • Name, Surname
  • Personal identification number
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Complete address (Country, county, town, postal code, address)


For legal entities:

  •  Name of legal entity
  • Unique registration code of the legal entity
  • Registration certificate
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Complete address (Country, county, town, postal code, address)

3. You need to provide us with the right transfer key. This key can only be obtained by the domain owner in the ROTLD domain administration panel. If you need help with this procedure, you can follow the .ro Domain Transfer, but when you select the key that you want to generate instead of "Transfer to another Registrar", select "Transfer Right to Use".

4. Once you have received confirmation from us that your order has been placed on the ROTLD registrar to modify the data to the domain / domains in question, you will need to access the following link to complete the online request to change the owner's data request. In this form, you will need to fill in with the current owner's data and with the data of the future owner.

5. Immediately after completing and submitting the online form, the current owner will receive an email containing the previously completed application together with a link on which the necessary documents will be required to complete the procedure. The application will need to be printed, signed and stamped (stamping is only required for legal entities) and then uploaded to that link. In addition to the request, a copy of the current owner identity card and a copy of the Legal Entity registration certificate (if applicable) will be required.

After completion of the procedure explained above, the ROTLD register will receive the application for transfer right to use (owner).

Completion of the process may take between 4 and 14 days, and the procedure is entirely carried out by ROTLD.

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