What is a PIN code and what is it used for?

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Telephone security system
by Mark DohiViews 46Updated now 4 monthsPublished 28/06/2022

The Hostico PIN code is a dynamic security key used for the telephone identification of the interlocutor, through which information can be requested or procedures for contracted services can be performed.
The validity of the code is 24 hours, which can be used both by the account holder and by third parties.
The communication of the code to other parties falls directly under the responsibility of the holder. If, after sending the code, the PIN will be used for malicious purposes and the services held will be adversely affected, the direct responsibility will be assumed by the account holder and not by Hostico.
However, some requests that may have direct and irreversible implications or for which there are separate procedures (ex: deleting the hosting package, deleting the customer account, etc.) will also be made through written channels (email / ticket) or directly from the Hostico client account.
To find out the PIN, you will need to access the main page of the client account: Client account

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