What is associated contact technical support?

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The new Hostico technical support system offered at the contact level
by Mark DohiViews 27Updated now 4 monthsPublished 12/07/2022

Technical support on contacts is the function available at the level of Hostico customer accounts, through which different users of the account can be assigned to a certain hosting service, as well as applicants with full rights to technical support.
Users can send requests only by e-mail (ticket system) and only for the services to which it has been assigned as a contact with technical privileges. Requests submitted via chat or telephone can only be honored if the request comes from the account holder.

Activation of contact technical assistance can be done in two ways:

  • Isolated
  • Global

Isolated contacts will be able to request technical operations and will receive solutions only for the services to which they have been assigned, instead, the global ones will be entitled to technical support on all services related to the Hostico customer account. The account administrator will also continue to receive technical emails submitted by the contacts.
It should be noted that any request made by allocated contacts that may directly affect the contracted services (deletion / modification / update, etc.), will receive full support, so we recommend that the allocation of a technical contact be made only to persons authorized by the holder, to avoid possible negative effects that may arise from the requests made.

For information on the allocation of a technical contact, please see the article: Activating technical support on subcontracts.

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