What is associated contacts billing?

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General information about the associated contacts billing system
by Mark DohiViews 182Published 08/06/2022

Associated contacts invoicing is a system developed by the Hostico team, which allows customers to manage the various contacts in the account, respectively assign them to services for the purpose of invoicing.
An associated contact can be assigned to one or more products, so the customer in question will be implicitly notified via email of every aspect of a commercial nature.

Activating notifications on associated contacts can be done in two ways:

  • Isolated
  • Global

Isolated contacts will receive notifications strictly for the chosen service, and global contacts will receive notifications for all services in the client account, without the need to assign it to a specific service.
Regardless of the number of contacts assigned to a service / multiple services, the account administrator will also continue to receive financial emails for those services.

The complete procedure for setting up the associated contacts can be found in the tutorials section: Enabling associated contacts invoicing.

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