What is KVM?

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KVM hypervisor system information
by Mark DohiViews 552Updated now 2 yearsPublished 29/04/2022

KVM (acronym for Kernel-based Virtual Machine), is a virtualization technology based on the Linux kernel with hypervisor function, which offers the possibility to create and manage virtual machines with different operating systems.
The created virtual machines offer functions typical of physical systems, including virtual BIOS as well as virtual hardware, represented by processor (CPU), memory (RAM), storage, network cards, etc., thus completely simulating a physical process.
The technology is used to isolate, develop and test applications in different environments. However, we will find it very often in Web hosting companies, within VPS (physical virtual server) packages.

Unlike operating system virtualization (OpenVZ - level 2 hypervisor), KVM (even if it is a level 2 hypervisor, works as a level 1 hypervisor) will provide an experience very close to a physical server

Here are some of the benefits of using KVM virtualization:

  • high performance in data processing
  • automatic scaling of resources to respond to heavy loads as the number of virtual machines on a equipment increases
  • enhanced security due to the direct implementation of KVM in the source code of the Linux kernel
  • full access to the equipment

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