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Ddos Protection

ArborNet Protector

Due to the location of Hostico servers in one of the most advanced and professional data centers in the world, namely GTS Telecom, our web hosting customers benefit from the latest generation equipment. Other advantages are the location of the data center in Bucharest, Romania, and direct connection to the rest of GTS Telecom data centers around the world.

Protective equipments are not limited to server applications. Hostico benefits of protective equipment specially designed for mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Regarding the DDoS attacks, the latest solution offered in this regard are the ArborNet protection systems, now available to Hostico customers.

About DDoS

DDoS attack is an attempt to overload network resources or equipment in order to interrupt the communication of the equipment with the users.
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) represents the simultaneous action of several external systems to send requests that require exponential response from the target system, causing the inability for its legitimate users to use the services offered by the target at ideal parameters.

Flooding the target system with requests from multiple sources leads to the overuse of services/network and often the impossibility to cope with them. The solution offered by ArborNet in this case is the detection and mitigation of its illegitimate traffic without obstructing legitimate traffic. The Arbor system has the ability to automatically detect such attacks in real time and block them, ensuring uninterrupted continuity of the activities.
The Arbor System Protector protects against many types of attacks, from bandwidth consuming on the "network layer" protocols, as well as TCP or UDP flooding, to the less consuming ones that generates an overload of allocated resources to a level of "application layer" service, ex: HTTP, DNS, FTP or VoIP.

Published at 10-Februarie-2011

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