Romanian websites on romanian hosting

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Romanian websites on romanian hosting

A big number of sites wich have as target the public from Romania are hosted at foreign suppliers on servers found outside the country. The owners of these sites have chosen this alternative because of the more generous external offers and in some cases due to the high professionalism offered by external suppliers. The program "Romanian sites on romanian Hosting" wants to convince the owners of these sites to bring them to Romania. The national web industry has increasingly grown quantitatively and also calitatively so they can easily find companies that offer generous packages and professional support at the same level as external companies or even better than them. Our program is available for all sites hosted abroad. For the sites and and activities wich have as target Romania we recommend national hosting packages, hosting services offered by Hostico. We consider that the professionalism practiced at Hostico can rival with any external supplier, the proof being in the over 200 positive opinions for the offered services, comments available in the section feedback.

To help customers who want to migrate their services on a local plan, Hostico is comming with the following discounts and benefits:

In case the purchased hosting period at the external supplier has not expired, Hostico will compensate the remaining purchased period by extending the purchased hosting period with the hosting period left paid at the external supplier in the limit of 12 months. For the hosting packages purchased for 3 or 6 months the compensation will be offered for half the period left paid at the external supplier in the limit of 6 months. For hosting packages purchased on minimum 12 months the compensation will be offered for all the period left paid at the external supplier in the limit of 12 months.

In case the period left paid at the external supplier has expired/will expire in 1 month, depending on the hosting period chosen at Hostico clients can benefit of a 25% or 50% discount on the hosting package value using the promotional codes related to this program.

The two options can not be used together. There will be a discount for the purchase of a hosting package or compensation period.

The benefits of hosting the site in Romania :

  • IP localization. Search engines will identify the IP location, see that it is located in Romania and this thing helps for a good positioning in the search engines
  • low response time. Related to national networks used for accesing and downloading the connection time and obtaining a response from the shared server will be much smaller than the server located abroad
  • technical and commercial support offered in romanian language
  • the posibility to discount some taxes and assessments

Hostico sees this site relocation on servers found in Romania as a mutually advantageous movement and beneficial not only for those involved directly but also for the romanian web industry.


  • the program is available for all sites hosted outside Romania
  • invoice for the hosting package paid abroad sent to
  • the chosen hosting package must be purchased for minimum 3 or 6 months for the 25% discount and minimum 12 months for the 50% discount
  • the site activity must fit in Terms and Conditions of Hostico use
  • the program does not apply retroactively
  • this program can not be corelated with another Hostico program
  • the discount is offered only for the first period purchased
  • the discount reffers only for the hosting packages and Hostico virtual servers
  • the services/products offered for free in the purchased hosting packages are not affected by this program with the exception of the Start package
  • the offer cannot be user with other discount coupons offered by Hostico or its partners
  • the maximum period of application of the program is equivalent to the maximum period of purchase available on the site for the related hosting package

If you wish to benefit of the discount please use the promotional coupon romania25 while making the order for hosting packages purchased for 3 or 6 months or the promotional coupon romania50 for hosting packages purchased for 12 or more months.

If you wish to compensate the period paid for your hosting package at the external provider do not use the promotional coupons but instead send us a copy of your invoice to right after the purchase of the hosting package with the subject "Hosting Romania" in order to establish the validity of your order and the compensation period.

In case the status or location of the hosting domain which was ordered can not be established additional documents may be requested from you.

Published on 06-September-2017

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