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Startup Hosting

A business regardless of the size it has must have an online presence. In case this online presence does not exist, the startup risks not having the visibility, the number of clients and by default neither the income desired for the developed business. We know and understand altogether the efforts made by the entrepreneurs and with this program we want to make our support known for these entrepreneurs and at the same time to help shape a professional Romania.

The program "Startup Hosting" is meant to help startups in order to achieve an online presence by:

  • the decrease of the initial investment necesary for the development of this presence by offering a discount up to 50% of the requested hosting package price
  • the insurance of a permanent communication channel
  • the elimination of worries regarding the online presence stability of the developed business

One of the aspects related to a good business development is represented by the communication between the supplier and client. As a supplier, Hostico shows the entire availability and offers the entire support needed regarding the services offered both through consulting in the facility of choosing the best solution regarding the purchase of a web hosting package and domain registration as well as technical/commercial by mail,chat,phone.

A proof of the professionalism that can be found at Hostico stands in the big number of positive feedbacks for the offered services, over 200 available at the address feedback . We hope that with this demarche we bring our contribution to the rise of entrepreneurs with strong and durable businesses.

Conditions of participation

  • the program is available for companies, authorized individuals and family businesses in Romania created in the last calendar year
  • the chosen hosting package has to be purchased for minimum 3 or 6 months for the 25% discount and minimum 12 months for the 50% discount
  • the company activity must fit in the Terms and Conditions of Hostico use
  • this program can not be correlated with another Hostico program
  • the discount is offered only for the first period purchased
  • the discount concerns only the hosting packages and Hostico private servers
  • the services/products offered for free in the purchased hosting packages are not affected by this program with the exception of the Start package
  • the program does not apply retroactively
  • the discount is offered for a single hosting package or virtual server
  • the offer cannot be user with other discount coupons offered by Hostico or its partners
  • the maximum period of application of the program is equivalent to the maximum period of purchase available on the site for the related hosting package

If you own a business founded in the last year (calendar year) and do not have a hosting for your website/mail or you want to change your actual supplier with a prompt and serious one, you can apply with confidence to our services. In the moment of placing the order to benefit of the discount please use the promotional coupon startup25 for the hosting packages purchased on 3 or 6 months or the promotional coupon startup50 for the hosting packages purchased on 12 months or more.

In case the status of your business can not be determined additional documents may be requested from you.

Published on 06-September-2017

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