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Students Hosting

This demarche as well as "Startup Hosting" subscribes with our company strategy to support a bigger category of people with potential. The students represent the youth in preparation of various domains, which have a real wish to change and involve actively to achieve this. We believe that the program „Students Hosting” will offer to these youngs the chance to explore online services for a better understanding of it and why not even the development of a career in the domain.

The colaboration with students will help us to develop services more appropriate for their demands and implicitly to the new wave of entrepreneurs. Also the increase of the student contribution through Hostico contributors would represent a major advantage, because it would offer an overview of the new generations.

The students are absolutely necesary for the future of the romanian IT industry and not only, they contribute to the creation of a positive image of Romania worldwide. For this reason we want to bring our contribution to the development of this generation by facilitating the access to an early exploration of different online services as well as the interaction with different working environments, situations and people.

Enrollment conditions

  • student status,master or doctoral student
  • the chosen hosting package must be purchased for minimum 3 or 6 months for the 25% discount and minimum 12 months for the 50% discount
  • the student activity must fit in Terms and Conditions of Hostico use
  • the applicant must send to a copy of the identity card or of the student card
  • the discount applies for the entire period they maintain the status of student/master/doctor
  • the program does not apply retroactively
  • the discount reffers only for the Hostico hosting packages
  • this program can not be corelated with another Hostico program
  • the services/products offered for free in the purchased hosting package are not affected by this program with the exception of the Start package
  • the discount reffers to only one hosting package or virtual server
  • the offer cannot be user with other discount coupons offered by Hostico or its partners
  • the maximum period of application of the program is equivalent to the maximum period of purchase available on the site for the related hosting package

In the moment you make the order to benefit from the discount please use the promotional coupon student25 for hosting packages purchased on 3 or 6 months or the promotional coupon student50 for hosting packages purchased for 12 months ore more. Right after making the order please send to a copy of the identity card and student card.

Right after the completion of the order please send us a copy of your identity card and the student card to with the subject "Students Hosting" in order to establish the validity of your order.

In case we can not establish your student status additional documents may be requested from you.

Published on 06-September-2017

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