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Domain .ro transfer Domainsregistrarrotldauthorization keytransfer

• This tutorial shows the steps required to obtain the authorization key from the ROTLD panel to transfer a .ro domain to a new registrar

DomainsAna RednicViews 769Updated 1 year ago
Enable DNSSEC in ROTLD DomainsDNSSEC domain rotld

• This tutorial will describe the steps required to enable DNSSEC on a .ro domain in the ROTLD panel

DomainsAna RednicViews 315Updated 2 years ago
How to install an SSL certificate in Wordpress Applicationsinstallwordpresssslhttpssecurehttp

• This article will describe the steps required to implement the SSL certificate in Wordpress

ApplicationsAna RednicViews 283Updated 1 year ago
How to set nameservers in the ROTLD panel Domainsnameservers updaterotld

• This article will describe the steps required to set or update nameservers on a domain registered with ROTLD

DomainsAna RednicViews 286Updated 3 years ago
How to create and set custom nameservers in the ROTLD panel Domainsnameserverscustomizeupdate nameservershostnamerotld

• This article will describe the steps required to create customized nameservers and how to set or update these nameservers on the domain

DomainsAna RednicViews 369Updated 1 year ago
Manually set up your email account in Outlook Emaile-mailOutlookmanually

• In this tutorial we will show you how to manually configure your email account in your Outlook email client.

EmailAna RednicViews 293Updated 1 year ago
Installing an application through cPanel Softaculous plugin Softaculoussoftaculouswordpressinstallcpanelplugincmsapplication

• This article will describe the steps you need to install an application through the cPanel Softaculous plugin.

SoftaculousAna RednicViews 305Updated 1 year ago
Adding an addon domain in cPanel cPanelcpaneldomainaddon

• The process of adding an addon domain in cPanel

cPanelAna RednicViews 258Updated 3 years ago
Changing the PHP version in cPanel on VPS hosting packages through MultiPHP Manager cPanelMultiPHP managercpanelphpversionvps

• In this article we will present the required steps to change the PHP version in a cPanel account through MultiPHP Manager

cPanelAna RednicViews 143Updated 1 year ago
Accessing a site without changing the nameserver through the hosts file Domainshosts filewindowshosting

• In this tutorial we will follow the steps necessary to access the site hosted on a server without the need to change the nameservers, using the hosts file of the operating system

DomainsAna RednicViews 152Updated 1 year ago
SpamExperts presentation and use Emailmailspamspamexpertsfilterphishingmalware

• SpamExperts is a dedicated anti-spam solution for analyzing and filtering messages.

EmailMihai BobriucViews 103Updated 1 year ago
Google PageSpeed ​​module configuration TechnicalPageSpeedGoogleSEOModPageSpeedhtaccessoptimizationapachepagespeed_module

• This article will present the method for selectively enabling or disabling PageSpeed ​​filters, related to the additional SEO hosting option.

TechnicalMihai BobriucViews 232Updated 1 year ago
Changing the billing period Comercialmodificationserviceinvoicing

• In this tutorial we will show you how we can change the billing period for your services

ComercialMihai BobriucViews 100Published 1 year ago
Deleting the Client's Account Commercialdeleteaccountclientgdpr

• In this tutorial, we will be presented the necessary steps to delete the Hostico client account

CommercialMihai BobriucViews 82Published 1 year ago
Creating a website in 3 simple steps Generalwebsitesitebuildersitepad

• In this article we explain every step required to have an online site in just a few minutes

GeneralMark DohiViews 113Published 1 year ago
Activating recurring payment Commercialpaymentrecurringcredit cardmonthly

• In this article, we will cover the required steps to activate recurring payment on Hostico services

CommercialMark DohiViews 545Published 10 month ago
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