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Domain .ro transfer Domainsregistrarrotldauthorization keytransfer • This tutorial shows the steps required to obtain the authorization key from the ROTLD panel to transfer a .ro domain to a new registrar
DomainsAna RednicViews 83Updated 2 month ago
How to set nameservers in the ROTLD panel Domainsnameservers updaterotld• This article will describe the steps required to set or update nameservers on a domain registered with ROTLD
DomainsAna RednicViews 51Updated 1 year ago
Enable DNSSEC in ROTLD DomainsDNSSEC domain rotld• This tutorial will describe the steps required to enable DNSSEC on a .ro domain in the ROTLD panel
DomainsAna RednicViews 60Updated 10 month ago
How to install an SSL certificate in Wordpress Applicationsinstallwordpresssslhttpssecurehttp• This article will describe the steps required to implement the SSL certificate in Wordpress
ApplicationsAna RednicViews 44Updated 1 month ago
How to create and set custom nameservers in the ROTLD panel Domainsnameserverscustomizeupdate nameservershostnamerotld• This article will describe the steps required to create customized nameservers and how to set or update these nameservers on the domain
DomainsAna RednicViews 45Updated 2 month ago
Manually set up your email account in Outlook Emaile-mailOutlookmanually• In this tutorial we will show you how to manually configure your email account in your Outlook email client.
EmailAna RednicViews 88Updated 1 year ago
Installing an application through cPanel Softaculous plugin Softaculoussoftaculouswordpressinstallcpanelplugincmsapplication• This article will describe the steps you need to install an application through the cPanel Softaculous plugin.
SoftaculousAna RednicViews 79Updated 2 month ago
Adding an addon domain in cPanel cPanelcpaneldomainaddon• The process of adding an addon domain in cPanel
cPanelAna RednicViews 38Updated 1 year ago
Changing the PHP version in cPanel on VPS hosting packages through MultiPHP Manager cPanelMultiPHP managercpanelphpversionvps• In this article we will present the required steps to change the PHP version in a cPanel account through MultiPHP Manager
cPanelAna RednicViews 13Updated 1 year ago
Accessing a site without changing the nameserver through the hosts file Domainshosts filewindowshosting• In this tutorial we will follow the steps necessary to access the site hosted on a server without the need to change the nameservers, using the hosts file of the operating system
DomainsAna RednicViews 7Updated 1 year ago